Five years ago, my wife and I were looking to move from Seattle to the Eastside. We wanted an agent that was young like us, and in touch with the realities of home buying in the internet age. As much as we liked doing our own research online, it truly made a difference to have Kenzie act like a guide to the unfamiliar buying process. She was able to provide a direct insider’s perspective without pumping us full of lame and irrelevant terms like ‘great bones’ or deceptive lingo like ‘needs TLC’ (when it really needs a sledgehammer). She was very honest and had great integrity, and took the time to find out our needs and provide appropriate assistance rather than just trying to sell us every house in our price range. She pointed out things both good and bad that my wife and I would never have noticed or thought of on our own. Now we are just wrapping up the purchase of our new home, and Kirsten was instrumental once again in guiding us through the process. With her suggestion, we took advantage of market conditions and were able to build our dream home for the cost of buying an existing home that would still have required renovation. She pulled many strings to make sure the deal met our needs and budget, and even provided advice with renting out our old house as an investment property. After the deal was done from a typical agent perspective, Kirsten continued to assist us with ensuring we got everything we wanted and expected, and even things we didn’t from the builder and mortgage broker. I have dealt with other agents in the past, but none with the amount of professionalism and trust that Kirsten instills. We will definitely refer anyone else to her based on our awesome experiences with her.