A step by step guide to make selling your property as easy as it should be.

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1. Pre-listing home inspection

Would you rather know the condition of your home now, or would you rather wait until a buyer has your home under contract and can renegotiate? That’s when the buyer has all the leverage. We pay for the inspection. Other agents don’t do one, let alone pay for it.

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2. Pro-active repairs

after a home is pre-inspected, if there are repairs that should be made, we know the right contractors to do the work at the right price and will assist in facilitating necessary repairs.
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3. Presentation

Staging Consultation. Our designer will come through and go room by room, making an itemized list on what you need to do to put it in its best light (using your furniture and décor). If it is necessary to bring in outside furniture, artwork, etc. we will give you a preferred partner quote. We pay for the consultation.

4. Professional HD photography

The photos matter!!! Listings with professional photos sell on average 32% faster than those with amateur photos. Photos make a HUGE difference. For certain properties, this may include 3D Tour, video, or aerial photos. We pay for photography and include it with every listing.

We Cover All The Bases To Get You A Max Return On Your Home Sale

In this market, we’re expecting multiple offers. To maximize a multiple offer situation, you set an offer review date on the front end. A good agent WILL NOT accept an offer on the first few days. Set an offer review date 5-10 days out. If we don’t have an offer review date, then the market does not know how to respond to it. They will think that we don’t know what we are doing, or that we potentially overpriced it, or that we are not expecting multiple offers.

How we market – We don’t just throw your home on the MLS or ineffective print marketing. We promote your listing on over 100 relevant websites buyers search; with an option to market to foreign nationals and on exclusive luxury property sites.

This includes everything a buyer needs to make a decision to purchase: pre-inspection, bids, repairs, offer instructions, title, etc. Having this information upfront will allow a buyer to write a tighter offer with less contingencies or reasons to terminate.

Our team facilitates:

High quality Marketing Materials, flyers, fact sheet, 10 things I love about my house, feature cards (if applicable).  We pay for all the printed marketing materials and any other digital marketing expense.

We’ve done everything to guarantee the home looks as good as possible online, on-paper, and in-person. Now it comes down to Our team negotiating to get you the maximum value for your house. Our team has collectively sold hundreds of homes. When negotiating, experience counts and who you work with matters. Our team has a system and plan in place to negotiate on your behalf when dealing with multiple offers to procure the most profit possible.

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