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At WheelHouzz Group, in an effort to maximize the sustainability of our clients’ goals for their assets, we have created another division to our business. Enter WheelHouzz Management, our management division.

Our overall goal has always been to work with our investor clients to grow their wealth and real estate portfolio on a long-term basis. That is why we are involved intricately in the acquisition of the asset, model our plans based on our evaluations and oversee renovations for many of our clients. We knew that at WHG we had to create a management division to ensure the overall maximum success of our investors’ goals. When we outsource one component of the overall machine, we lose the overall control of the elevated potential each property has if it were to stay within our plans and strategies that we create together. We recognize that collectively we’ll advance together and continue to add value this way in a much more substantial manner. When you succeed, we succeed and we all grow. Our goals are not one-time transactions with clients, they are long-term growth models that rely on maintaining cohesion and asset management at the highest tier.


If we weren’t deeply involved in the models we work with our investors on, we would continue to refer property management out. But, we had to add the service for our investors to supplement the level of service already provided in the planning, acquisitions, remodels and repositioning services offered. It wouldn’t make sense to give white glove service and then hand off the long-term care (that is so important in maintaining the asset’s sustainability and value) to anyone else. We did not intend to add property management as a source of additional income for our business, but specifically to make sure the vision that we create with our clients stays on course and maintains the utmost value position so that it is always ready for any strategy needed. Whether that be repositioning, refinancing or sale to produce the maximum return to invest in a new venture or any other need.

white-glove property management services

We provide the same white-glove service with property management for our investors that we do in the acquisition/reposition/sale stages. This level of service exceeds the property management services that we used to refer out to. We do it all:

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